Leena & Pritee, the two talented sisters and Angel, their niece, are experts in Mehendi Styling. Bridal Makeover is their speciality and they have become a name to reckon with in the Mehendi World and its related services. They share an overwhelming combined experience of over 40 years in Mehendi Art and Styling and related services.

They quote "MEHENDI IS OUR PASSION". Services include a wide varieties of mehendi like traditional, jardosi, arabic, indo-arabic, fusion, antique styles and many more.

They think Mehendi is a very important jewellery for Indian Bride. As Diamond is to Ring, Mehendi is to Bride.


Mehendi was our family business. We are the wholeseller for Mehendi in Mumbai, India and we used to supply Mehendi for hair and hand. Most of the Salon's in Mumbai are our customers. The business in Mumbai was started in the late 80's known as "LATA MEHENDI" in Bandra, Mumbai. It was named after our elder sister, Lata.

It was fun when we started, which later turned into a hobby and eventually our passion. Between both the sisters we share many years of experience and we have done variety of Bridal makeovers, Fashion Shows and Event Participation.


Her wide spread success and a variety of client base speaks about her achievements. Along with her sister Pritee, she has participated in variety of events relating to Mehendi Art & Styling such as Bridal Makeovers, Fashion Shows and many other events.


Just like her older sister Leena, tradition moved down to Pritee and she started copying her. Her reason was different, she loved decorating her own hands with Mehendi. Soon she started learning and helping her sister in Bridal Makeovers, Fashion events and other related events. Since this started helping her financially, it really motivated Pritee. Pritee really started enjoying her Mehendi related services and work and eventually it became her passion like her sister, Leena. She says "I can't stay away from Mehendi and meeting new people. Most importantly making the Bride look like a Princess.."


Angel moved to her auntís place for her studies and got interested in Mehendi art. Soon she started learning and helping her aunts. She started participating in bridal Mehendi and Mehendi orders and tradition continued to the next generation in the family. She moved to Michigan in 2007 and currently serves in MI area.